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Bridging Culture and Business: The Story of No. 11 Trolley Tours

In the heart of Las Vegas, New Mexico, a dream is being realized, one that carries the rich history of its streets and the vibrant energy of its community on its tracks. This dream is the No. 11 Trolley Tours, spearheaded by three extraordinary Latina entrepreneurs: Margo Segura, Georgina Ortega Angel, and Virginia Marrujo. Their vision: to bridge the cultural divide and conflict within their community, and bring their unique local herstory to the world.

Margo, Georgina, and Virginia are not only business partners; they're dreamers, herstory enthusiasts, and proud Latinos, who are deeply rooted in their community. Through No. 11 Trolley Tours, they're fostering a profound understanding of the cultural divides that have long existed in their community. By shining a light on these historical rifts, they aim to contribute to a thriving, healthy, and unified community that celebrates its diversity.

Understanding the value of culture, heritage, and history is at the core of their mission. The trio believes that by connecting people through stories of the past, they can create more compassionate communities in the present. With the aid of expert guides like Dr. Hilario Romero, they narrate the rich tapestry of Las Vegas, NM, to locals and tourists alike, from its origins in the B.C. era to its present-day standing as a gem of the Southwest.

But their mission doesn't stop at cultural education. Margo, Georgina, and Virginia are equally committed to supporting economic growth in their community. By operating the No. 11 Trolley Tours, they're contributing to local business and tourism, offering an immersive, engaging experience that attracts visitors from far and wide. This in turn provides a boost to the local economy, supporting everything from restaurants and shops to hotels and other services.

Through the trolley tours, these three inspiring women are creating a space for culture and business exchange that aligns with the realities of our modern world. They're demonstrating the power of cultural tourism as a vehicle for economic growth, community development, and unity.

As they look to the future, they're focused on expanding their impact, introducing new themed tours, and reaching more people with their powerful message. Their dream of bringing their community to the world through herstory is well underway, and they're inviting everyone to come along for the journey.

One thing is clear: Margo Segura, Georgina Ortega Angel, and Virginia Marrujo are much more than business owners. They are change-makers, leading the way in bridging the gap between culture and business, past and present, community and world. Through No. 11 Trolley Tours, they're not just telling stories; they're changing the narrative.

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Susie Tsyitee
Susie Tsyitee
Jul 21, 2023

I love Las Vegas, NM! Love, love love! The Air Conditioned City, The City of Blanket Nights, The Meadow City, Historic Las Vegas, The Original Las Vegas! Darned Authentic 😉, New Adventures Down Old Trails; Old Trails, New Adventures, WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, I call it home, and I celebrate 50 years here. Ever since I saw the trolley tracks here, I have wanted to see a tour trolley. I AM SO EXCITED! Thank you, Virginia, Margo, Georgina, Mr. Vegas, and all the investors, volunteers, donors, and supporters that MADE IT HAPPEN! YAY!

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